Friday, July 07, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Internet Star Amanda Congdon Leaves "Rocketboom"

I've only watched "Rocketboom" a handful... er, I mean a couple of times ;) and while the show itself is alright, it's the success of the vblog that has really impressed me the most (yes, even more than the host and her tight t-shirts).

Even though I am not a regular viewer of "Rocketboom" I am aware of the impact that the series has had in shaping popular (internet) culture. I was amazed to discover that recently they had auctioned off 5 days worth of advertising on their site for $40 000 and have even charged companies upwards of $85 000, for similar privileges. For aspiring "bloggers", this was a very encouraging sign of the times and an indication of the kind of "real" success that is still attainable on the internet. It really did seem as though "Rocketboom" was blazing a path to success for others to follow, which is what makes it's apparent implosion all the more disappointing. It could almost be regarded as a beacon going out.

Amanda Congdon is an attractive and seemingly smart young woman, who's obviously the main reason for the show's success; but crikey, did she ever get ugly really fast. By taking her private squabble with the show's creator and making it public she has basically turned herself into the internet's version of Star Jones. Ms. Congdon may refer to her response to getting "fired" as being "transparent"; but the way I see is it, it seems more like she's sabotaging the show's future by getting its fans involved in the dispute. You know, it's reactions like this which is why companies have security escort ex-employees out of the building after they've been let go.

It's also reason's like this why I prefer to work with toons instead of actors ;)


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