Monday, July 24, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Former Israel PM Ariel Sharon's Condition Worsens

Even back in January, the chances of Ariel Sharon recovering from his massive stroke were very slim; and the longer that he remains in a coma, the less likely he is to ever come out of it.

While I am certainly hopeful that the former Israeli Prime Minister is somehow able to recover; 6 months on a respirator, in a seemingly irreversible coma is a very long time, especially for a 78 year old.

So... at what point do the doctors finally decide to just let nature take its course?

I guess you could call it a sign of the times, but the "conspiracy theorist" in me tends to wonder if Ariel Sharon may have already "passed away" and the Israeli government is just waiting for the right time to take him off the respirator... Say, ahead of a massive land invasion of a neighbouring country (for example).

I know this may sound insensitive to some, but Ariel Sharon is more than just a man; he was the head of state, the leader of his political party and the figure head of a whole political movement in Israel. If the Israeli government (now led by Sharon's former Deputy Prime Minister) could find a way to strategize his passing in a way that would work to "Israel's" fullest advantage, not only do I think that they would take advantage of this (as probably would any country that's at "war"), but I also think that Ariel Sharon would have probably approved of it as well.

Even if his passing only means distracting the world for a few days to allow the Israeli government more time to continue its controversial "war" against Hezbollah/Lebanon.


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