Thursday, July 06, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Convicted Enron CEO, Ken Lay Passes Away

Well, here's some fresh meat for the tabloids to chew on...

I guess we can just go ahead and add "Kenneth Lay" to the likes of "Jimmy Hoffa", "Andy Kaufman" and "Elvis Presley" as public figures, whose strange and/or unexplained demise has enabled them to achieve a sort of mythical immortality, which allows them to live on (if they're not already) indefinitely.

That being said, I believe that there are real legitimate reasons to think that Ken Lay MAY have faked his own demise, just as I believe that there are plenty of OTHER reasons to believe that he didn't. The problem is that the mainstream media will not even attempt to mention anything outside of the "official story" without any "evidence"; evidence that unfortunately they are going to have to actually go out and find for themselves, instead of just waiting for it to be fed to them by "officials", like they usually do.

All may not be as it appears, but we will NEVER know for certain, unless the press decides that this is a story that is worth investigating. It's amazing how quickly some stories are able to fall into the realm of "conspiracy theory" simply through the (deliberate?) neglect of the mainstream media.


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