Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Condoleezza Rice's Diplomatic Mission to Lebanon

According to psychologists, it is a proven FACT that "misery loves company". This may explain why the United States is so opposed to an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Lebanon; however, in this case it may not be "misery" that loves company as much as it is "misery" that's trying to make all of its allies just as miserable as they are ;)

Oh sure, there are plenty of valid reasons to call for an immediate ceasefire in Lebanon, but why would the United States want to do that when they're still stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Maybe by enabling a wider conflict in the Middle East to erupt, the United States believes that they could develop a more meaningful relationship with Israel, because they would suddenly find themselves with MUCH more in common... Or, perhaps this is just payback for Israel not trying to talk the United States out of invading Iraq.

Jeez... with friends like these, who needs "Al Qaeda"? ;)


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