Friday, June 30, 2006

Today's Cartoon: U.S. Supreme Court Blocks Military Tribunals for Guantanamo Detainees

It must be really frustrating for the Bush Administration to have this huge detention center, loaded with captives; and yet, not be able to PROVE the guilt of any single one of them through the American judicial system. However, a "military tribunal" could have provided the government with ALL the necessary tools that they needed to ensure the "guilt" of the accused.

In particular, the use of "secret evidence", which could have been introduced to the court without the knowledge of the defendant, would have helped guarantee the prosecution a “guilty” verdict every single time. This is essential, because the more convictions the Bush Administration can get, the more "proof" they will have that their "Global War on Terrorism" is actually working, right? ;)

Another advantage that America's military tribunals have over the regular judicial system is the fact that defendants do not even have to be in attendance for their own trial. This means that the whole proceedings could actually be conducted in total secrecy.

Basically, it doesn't matter "how" the Bush Administration get the convictions (just so long as they get them) because they already know that the mainstream media will not bother to dig pass the headlines.

The whole thing almost seemed too perfect… which is what the U.S. Supreme court thought as well; when they ruled that such trials were indeed “illegal” because they violated military law and the Geneva Convention.

You know, at this point I’m pretty sure that President Bush would probably just prefer “settling” the whole thing "out of court" anyway; by closing down Guantanamo sending the prisoners back to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan and praying for them to re-offend.


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