Thursday, June 08, 2006

Today's Cartoon: US Senate Votes Down Same-Sex Marriage Ban

If the Republicans are using the "Same-Sex Marriage" debate as a way to shore up support from their "conservative base" ahead of November's Congressional Elections, then they may want to reconsider their strategy because even children don't like to drink THAT much kool-aid :)

Talk about taking your friends for granted.

If the Republicans REALLY cared about same-sex marriage, they would have already tried to incorporate the debate into other big issues. For starters, they would told you that Osama Bin Laden is a homosexual. They would have also accused the insurgents in Iraq of being children of gay parents and they would have put Rosie O'Donnell on the government's "No Fly List". The way I see it, right now "Islam" is probably more likely to receive a constitutional ban in the States than gay marriage, which to some on the "Christian Right" may be considered a fair trade ;)

Republicans have been relying upon the certainty of "faith" voters for years. Yet, regardless of how many times they disappoint them, in the "two party" US political system, a "Faith" voter will always vote Republican out of the perceived possibility that they MIGHT get their way; rather than voting for the Democrats, where they already know that they won't. The truth is neither party will actually cater to their demands, or those of any other special interest group (at least outside of an election cycle). The difference is that the Republicans will use this (and them) to their fullest advantage, by placing their "faith" on faith voters, who they know have no other choice but to either give them their vote or not vote at all.

By exploiting divisive issues to gain support in the elections, the Republican party is sending a clear message to its base, "keep the faith"; that even though they have been let down in the past... "Miracles" may happen if you vote for them this time. If anything, you can say that these voters are extremely patient; but then what do you expect from those who have been waiting for Jesus for over 2ooo years? :)


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