Thursday, June 01, 2006

Today's Cartoon: United States Offers Direct Talks with Iran

While the gesture is somewhat admirable, the conditions in which the United States is willing to sit down and negotiate directly with Iran over its nuclear ambitions are completely counter-productive; especially if the United States actually wants to meet with Iran

You see, if Iran agrees to suspend its nuclear program in order to have direct negotiations with the States; there would actually be no need for those negotiations, because the US would have already gotten it's way. It's like saying "stop doing the thing you are doing and then we'll sit down and discuss you not doing the thing that you've already stopped doing" :)

If the US actually wants to have face-to-face negotiations with Iran then they've got to set conditions that would help encourage the need for such a meeting to take place. So, instead of calling for the Iranian government to suspend its uranium enrichment program and ease the tension between their two countries, President Bush should be openly calling on Iran to double its efforts and suggest to President Ahmadinejad that he threaten Israel some more.

That way, we are practically guaranteed a meeting between the two countries. A very LONG meeting with LOTS of negotiating and PLENTY of progress to be made ;)


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