Thursday, June 29, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Star Jones Fired from "The View"

Star Jones fell victim to the exact same thing that happen to Kathie Lee Gifford before she left "Regis and Kathie Lee"; she was a co-host who began to believe that she was a bigger "star" (insert "fat" joke here) than the guests on her show.

People tend to get upset when they believe that "celebrities" (such as Sean Penn, Bruce Willis or "The Dixie Chicks") are overstepping their "boundaries", and using the status they've earned in the entertainment industry to influence or manipulate people (depending on how you see it) outside of their profession. I guess the idea is that "we" did not make stars like George Clooney or Bono "famous" for their political views, but rather for their acting, singing and/or how attractive they are (eh, ladies?). So when they decide to use the fame that the public believes that they have given them, to somehow tell US what to do (or who to vote for), some people tend to get quite offended by that; perhaps because they believe that celebrities are supposed to work for "us" and not the other way around.

The misappropriation of fame is not a one way concept that applies solely to "celebrities" who try to use their status to achieve recognition in other fields. It also applies to those who have achieved recognition in other fields, who then attempt to use their status to become celebrities, which brings me back to Star Jones...

Before co-hosting "The View", Star Jones was a former lawyer and prosecutor who gained recognition as a legal correspondent and analyst on TV. Her job was simple; report on what she knew (the law) and give her opinion when asked for it. It was through this "arrangement" that the public came to know and accept her. While on "The View", nobody demanded anymore of Star Jones than what she was already providing to the public. Yet, somehow she determined that we simply could not get enough of her. So, she went from being a "celebrity news reporter" to a "TV Personality", which is basically just another way of saying "Attention Wh*re".

Basically, Star Jones decided that she wanted to be MORE famous than the public was willing to allow her to be. If she was "celebrity" worthy, the public would have demanded it... and not Star Jones.


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