Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Karl Rove Avoids Charges in CIA Leak Investigation

Well, I guess all those rumours of Karl Rove's indictment can now be put to rest. Wow, not since O.J. Simpson have so many people been so upset over somebody's "innocence" ;) Of course, it will be interesting to find out what information (if any) Rove gave to the grand jury where it may lead investigators ( Cheney? ).

Some people have commented that they believe that this whole "indictment saga" was actually some sort of elaborate "Rovian Deception" meant to discredit reporters and build distrust among their readers; as well as a way of flushing out individuals who are "leaking" to press by deliberately providing them with "misinformation". While I guess ANYTHING is possible, I still think that they are giving Karl Rove way more credit than he truly deserves for this one.

It seems that people have become so quick to reject ANYTHING that comes out of the Bush Administration these days that they are entirely willing to accept anything to the contrary, even if there is not a single shred of evidence to support it. There are more opportunists out there who are eager to take advantage of people's complete distrust of the U.S. government than just Karl Rove.

I think the most important "life lesson" I ever learned was on a farm. It was that you can't avoid bull-sh*t simply by staring at it and running the other way. You have to watch where you are going because if you not paying attention, chances are you'll just wind up in some other bull-sh*t :)


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