Monday, June 12, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Jewish Groups in Germany Protest Iran at World Cup

You know, for "Soccer Hooligans" the Jewish people in Germany are extremely well organized and remarkably sober; but honestly, isn't this REALLY just jealousy directed at Iran for having a team in the World Cup, when Israel doesn't? I mean, I'm pretty sure that if Israel had a team in the tournament, the Jewish community would have absolutely no problem with Iran being there (or their president in attendance), as a potential opponent for them to defeat.

... And it would ONLY be if they lost, that they would go back to protesting again ;)

Look, I know that Iran's president has said a whole bunch of nasty things directed at Israel and the United States recently; but couldn't all of this just be just a really BIG misunderstanding? Maybe Ahmadinejad is just a HUGE sports fan who gets a little carried away whenever the World Cup comes around.

"Trash talk" is common in every sport and especially soccer (er... "football"); so maybe when he mentions his desire to wipe Israel "off the map", what he really meant to say is that he'd like to challenge them to a "friendly". Or when he warns the United States that his country is willing "cut the hand of any aggressor", what he really means to say is that if the U.S. team plays rough then his team will play even rougher (with knives) :)

Soccer fans are extremely passionate. Mix that "passion" with "patriotism" and alcohol and you have an explosive combination. Fortunately, Ahmadinejad is Muslim and doesn't drink, but that doesn't make him any less of a soccer fan. In fact, by saying the things he says without drinking first, arguably makes him the BIGGEST "soccer fan" in the world... Next to Tony Blair and George W. Bush ;)


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