Thursday, June 22, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Dan Rather to Leave CBS After 44 Years

This hasn't been a very good week for former "CBS Evening News" anchors. First Connie Chung loses her MSNBC show (and then apparently, her mind) and now Dan Rather is being forced to leave CBS after 44 years, as a result of the fallout over the his now infamous "Memogate" scandal.

Well, if "trouble comes in threes", then my guess would be that Walter Cronkite is probably going to get arrested for streaking the field; during the United State's next World Cup match against Ghana :)

Dan Rather seems to be the poster boy for an alleged “liberal media bias” in the American mainstream press; but, I think the problem with all these perceived "liberal/conservative" biases in the media is that as soon as one side believes that they see it, there is a conscious and deliberate attempt to create a stronger "counter-bias" in reaction to it. For example, it could be argued that the perceived "liberal bias" presented by "CBS News" gave rise to the more obvious "conservative counter-bias" of "FOX News"; just as the perception of a "conservative bias" in American talk radio gave rise to the more obvious "liberal counter-bias" presented by "Air America Radio". As a result, they become much more about “exposing” their opponents and championing their cause then they are about giving you the actual “news”.

People can question the "motives" of individuals like Michael Moore, Dan Rather and yes... even Ann Coulter until they are blue (or red) in the face; but regardless of whether or not you agree with their "politics" or even like them as a person, if what they are claiming actually holds merit then all the character bashing in the world is not going to change that.

For their critics, the best that they can do is hope that they can find (or create) some sort of technicality (ex. fake memos) which could then be used to derail the conversation and silence that individual; leaving the statements and the claims that they’ve made to continue to go unchallenged, until they are (hopefully) forgotten altogether.


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