Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Caputred American Soldiers Killed In Iraq / Carolina Hurricanes Win the Stanley Cup

As Canadians, we have been conditioned (through the media) to believe that our national identity somehow revolves around the sport of ice hockey... this is why I am SO glad that an American team has won the "Stanley Cup" for the 13th consecutive year.

You see, the United States does not treat the Hockey with the same sense of intense "patriotism" that our media tries to bestow upon us here in Canada. They treat the sport simply for what it is... a "game".

It's not that I am not a fan of the "sport" of hockey. I enjoy the game, as long as it remains treated as "a game". My problem lies in the manner in which I see the sport being used as a propaganda tool, to create a false "national identity", which is then used to promote false national endeavors.

Basically, had the Edmonton Oilers won game seven of the Stanley Cup finals, I fear that the Canadian press would have become too pre-occupied with overkill-coverage celebrating the Stanley Cup's "triumphant" return to Canada that they would have had little time left to cover more important current events. In this day and age, with the "War on Terror" raging on with absolutely no end in sight; as far as I'm concerned, the United States can continue to hold on to our cherished "Holy grail" of Hockey, if it means that that Canadians can remain focused of the issues that TRULY matter most to them.


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