Monday, June 05, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Canadian Police Foil "Homegrown Terror Plot" in Toronto

You know, I didn't realize that it is not until the point that the "terrorists" have ALL the components of their weapon and are just about to carry out an attack that they've actually committed a crime. I always thought that, well... just about every step up until THAT point was pretty much illegal. I guess at the end of the day, the bigger the threat is the more impressive (and "important") the arrest becomes, eh?

Now, I completely understand the threat and I appreciate the efforts that our government and the authorities are making to keep us safe here in Canada (I think). But the problem I have is trying to understand just how much of a "threat" this "Homegrown Terror Cell" actually was to the public; especially since learning that they had been under police surveillance for quite some time and were supplied with key bomb making ingredients from the RCMP. The same material that was later put on display and claimed to have been seized after the arrest.

While "desire" and "motive" are arguably the most dangerous components of any "terror plot", such intentions cannot be carried out unless they are supplied with the means to do so. If the reports are accurate, then it would seem to me that the police already had enough evidence against these guys to warrant an arrest without needing to supply them with the 3 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, as "material evidence". If these guys could have been arrested sooner ("conspiracy"?), then why risk a defense of "Police entrapment" by supplying the suspects with the "evidence", which is also the key ingredient they needed to carry out an attack on the public?

It's like lighting a fuse just so you can put it out and tell everyone that you've "saved the day".


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