Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Bush Administration Calls Guantanamo Prisoner Hangings "Good P.R. Move"

Do you suppose when the U.S. Government refers to the death of 3 detainees at Guantanamo Bay Prison as a "Good P.R. move", they meant "good" for the deceased or "good" for the prison itself? (Because either way, it sounds pretty bizarre to me)

Well, it now appears that the Bush Administration is SO certain as to the guilt of these "prisoners" that even when they hang themselves in their cells, they are still being accused of committing a terrorist act. Hmm... why does it always seem to me that the only time the Bush Administration ever knows for sure, is when there is no way for anyone else to know for certain?

Say what you will about the inmates at Guantanamo Bay prison, but until they are actually charged and convicted of a "crime", the worst that can (honestly) be said about them after 4 years of incarceration is that they are (still) "alleged terrorists", which by itself doesn't mean that they are.


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