Friday, June 16, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Bill Gates to Retire from Microsoft in 2008

Call me cynical; but whatever his reasons for stepping down from Microsoft may ACTUALLY be, Bill Gates did NOT decide to retire just so he could spend their immense wealth on the poor and the needy. For him to quit and devote his time to philanthropy completely flies in the face of everything that I have come to learn about disgustingly rich people.

As an "entrepreneur", Bill Gates will most likely be remembered as one of the all-time greatest; but as a "business man" he's more Mike Tyson than Muhammad Ali.

For years, Gates was able to get by on his ruthless (and wealthy) "reputation"; but when push came to shove, if he's was not able to take out (or buy-out) his opponents early (Google, Apple), he would quickly lose his "competitive edge" and inevitably give up the fight altogether. For years, Gates was able to ensure Microsoft's success by basically buying out the competition in order to maintain a monopoly for his company. "Success" was therefore achieved primarily by default. This made any actual "business savvy" completely irrelevant because all he had to do was sign cheques to succeed.


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