Monday, June 19, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Alleged Al Qaeda Plot For NYC Subway System in 2003

I wonder how many of these "alleged/foiled" terror plots are going to be revealed to the American people leading up November's Congressional Elections in the United States; and what the "desired" reaction to them is SUPPOSED to be.

On the one hand, you have a reminder that "Al Qaeda" is "real" and still operational in the U.S. (well, at least up until 2003) and that this should "scare" people (perhaps even into voting "Republican" again). On the other hand, it is also a reminder to Americans that despite ALL of the invasive new security measures and laws which have been passed by the Bush Administration in an effort to secure their country; it would appear that the U.S. is just as vulnerable as ever. To me, what is most troubling about this story is the fact that the attack was not carried out, because it was "cancelled" by the terrorists rather than being "thwarted" by the authorities.

As far as "fear mongering" goes; the "official" story would need to undergo a couple of edits in order to become an effective (or "infective") tool, in time for the Congressional elections. The key for Republicans is to ensure that the focus remains solely on the "threat"; while for Democrats, it would be to shift attention towards the failed security measures, which allow for such threats to continue gathering on American soil (after 9/11 and on Bush's watch).

The way the government should go about "tidying" up this story is to mention that despite the fact that the plot was ultimately abandoned; the attack still wouldn't have taken place because they already knew EVERYTHING about it and had taken ALL the appropriate measures to prevent it from happening. Then (closer to the elections) reveal that it was actually due to their "unprecedented preparedness" that Al Qaeda got cold feet and called the whole thing off; thus creating the perfect balance of "fear" and "reassurance", necessary to get re-elected ;)


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