Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Today's Cartoon: "6/6/06" The Day of the Beast!

Well, the day has finally arrived, International "Push Your Agenda" Day. The one day where just about every religious organization, government, cult, gang, club and fanatic probably has some sort of sinister "false flag" event cooked up in an attempt to further their cause and promote their beliefs ;)

Now, I'm not "paranoid" but that does not mean everyone else isn't either; so, I plan on spending the day avoiding all those crazy people as much as possible, by hiding under my bed with pair of nunchucks and a roll of duct tape for protection. Remember, in a crisis situation, "crazy" is contagious; so wherever you are, make sure the place is stocked with LOTS of duct tape :)

Actually, today is the only day of the entire millennium where you can say "the Devil made me do it" and people will actually believe you... and think that you are possessed, so you'd better not.

So however you plan on spending this "Devil's Day", whether it's praying, drinking or cowering in fear; always remember, "the meek shall inherit the Earth", which for me at least is a very encouraging thought. Hopefully, I will see you all back here tomorrow. In the meantime, be safe, be good and be careful :)


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