Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Today's Cartoon: United States Bans Weapon Sales To Venezuela

Hugo Chavez is like an itch that the Bush Administration would LOVE to scratch, but can't because they know that whole world is staring at them. Chavez knows this too and takes great pride in irritating his arch-nemesis, "Mister Danger".

By imposing weapon sanctions on Venezuela, the United States now runs the risk of receiving sanctions themselves; but chances are Chavez will do no such thing. He knows that by reducing or cutting off the oil supply to America, the only ones who would actually be affected by it would be the American people; and it is the American people (rather than the government) that he is trying to win the support of.

Venezuela doesn't seem to need those weapons anyway. In the "war" of public opinion, Chavez continues to win victories over the Bush administration, simply by giving away cheap oil and saying all the things that the American people (and much of the world) like to hear right now. Seriously, who needs bombs when you have oil and an unpopular government to play off of?


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