Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Today's Cartoon: President of Iran Sends Letter to White House / David Blaine

Watching last night as David Blaine attempted and failed to break the record for holding his breath underwater; it reminded me just how important the element of "distraction" is to a successful "magic" act.

I think the reason why David Blaine failed, was because he seriously believed that he was capable of completing the trick without the assistance of any scantily clad women or laser light show to distract the audience. This would have given him the opportunity to secretly receive enough oxygen needed to complete the act (and send the audience home happy). In short, David Blaine failed because he actually believed in his own "magic".

Had this been David Copperfield, there is no doubt that the act would have been successful because he knows EXACTLY who he is and what he does. He's not a "magician" or a stunt-man; he's an "Illusionist" (the same as David Blaine) and a very good one at that. His job is not to perform magic, but to trick his audience into thinking that he does.

An illusionist believing in his own magic is like a politician believing in his own propaganda. Both will inevitably lead to disaster.


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