Friday, May 12, 2006

Today's Cartoon: NSA Collects Phone Records of Millions of Americans

"Phone Tap"? By the sound of things "Phone Faucet" might be a more accurate term to use (and a "leaky" faucet at that). Keeping the phone records of "tens of millions of Americans" sounds less like a hunt for "bad guys" and more like a telemarketer's (or recruiter's) nocturnal emission.

President Bush has insisted that his domestic surveillance program is only intended to be used to track down "systematic intimidators"; and would not impose upon the personal lives of "innocent" Americans. But how does he know who's innocent and who's not? That's easy; he just uses his domestic surveillance program to spy on them :)

There are those in the U.S. who like to say that they don't mind domestic wiretapping because they have "nothing to hide"... and those people are called "exhibitionists". Believe me, the only reason that they say that is to trick you into looking ;)

Of course, the only people who have to worry about this are the "evil doers; you know, the people who visit to liberal web sites, leave angry messages on liberal message boards, Charlie Sheen and basically anyone who has ever mentioned George W. Bush on the telephone, which at last count was around "tens of millions of Americans".


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