Friday, May 26, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Enron's Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling Found Guilty

Well knock me over with a feather; since when are rich white men, suddenly becoming accountable for their actions? ;)

Personally I think, "White Collar Crimes" should be given a more insidious name; that way people will start to develop a better understanding of just how much these crimes actually affect our daily lives.

The term "White Collar Crime" is deceiving. It almost gives you the impression that it's something that only affects wealthy people; but the truth of the matter is that most of us are more likely to be victims of these kinds of crimes than any other, due to its sheer scope and far-reaching effects (ever been "laid-off"?)

The problem I see with the use of the term "White Collar" is that sounds more like an accomplishment than an actual threat. I think a lot of people mentally disengage from the subject of white collar crimes, simply because they believe that they lack the understanding to comprehend the "complexities" of such misdeeds. There is nothing complicated about it. "Greed" is greed, regardless of the shirt collar. There is absolutely no difference between a crime which is committed by something who is rich than by someone who is poor (except maybe the "scale" of it). At the end of the day, the motives remain the same.

Hey, it was rumoured that "Jack the Ripper" was a doctor and may have even worn a suit when he committed his crimes, so would that then also categorize HIM as a "white collar criminal"?


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