Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Today's Cartoon: "Day Without Immigrants" Protest Held In United States

So many causes, so little time. So many protests, so few cameras (or at least news organizations willing to use them). It seems like in the United States, there are more mass protest and rallies taking place (for various causes), then ever before.

Whether it's about the War in Iraq, the situation in Darfur or the "Illegal Worker/Economic Refugee" debate; Americans are taking to the streets and the mainstream media is having a really hard time keeping up.

For the most part, it appears that the press has decided to focus mainly on the immigration issue, while underreporting or completely ignoring the others. Perhaps this decision has something to do with the manner of the "Immigrant protest" (the organization, the turn-out and the enthusiasm of the participants) that simply out-performs the competition. Like a curious child, the media is attracted to "shiny things" and there is nothing shinier than a street full of half a million, smiling Mexican workers :)

So, if the media is not willing to cover your event, then why not just bring your event to the media, by hiring one of these "illegal workers/economic refugees" to carry your banner for you? These protesters have already proven how effective they are at staging huge rallies and attracting the media, so why not just leave it up to them to relay your message to the world... as "professional protesters" for hire!


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