Friday, May 19, 2006

Today's Cartoon: "The Da Vinci Code" Hits Theatres and Stirs Controversy

Every once and a while a film comes along that is SO "controversial" that it makes me wish I had stocks in it.

To me, the negative reaction by the Catholic Church towards the release of the "Da Vinci Code" lends far more towards legitimizing the plot of the movie, than the film itself. I honestly don't believe there would have been nearly as much interest this movie had the church simply left it to play out (as "entertainment") in theatres and then disappear onto DVD shelves within a few months.

I guess what the church has decided to do is really hype this movie up, in an attempt to tear it down; but what they have failed to recognize is that the only thing protesting/boycotting a movie actually does, is get more people wanting to see it. People in general HATE being told what to do; and they hate being told what NOT to do even more. Then again, I guess I really shouldn't expect the Catholic Church to recognize that :)

If they want the world to believe that this movie is nothing more than a piece "rubbish" (which the critics already say it is) then they themselves have to learn to treat it that way as well. Otherwise: A) They're playing into the "plot" of the movie; and B) they are saving the studios a FORTUNE on marketing.

Remember, in Hollywood "success" is measured in dollar $igns; and the more dollar signs that are made, the higher the chances are for a $equel ;)


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