Thursday, May 11, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Britney Spears Announces Second Pregnancy

Celebrity baby news is my favourite kind of "news" because of the way the media goes overboard in its coverage of such a non-event. You'd think that each one was the second coming of Christ.

Just by being born we have already accomplished the greatest athletic feat of our lives. We won a million sperm marathon to reach our mother's egg; and then we had to pound our way into it with only our heads. As a result, the winner (us) gets born while the losers (potential us') dry up and disappear forever.

So, why is Britney Spears' new baby such important "news"? Well for starters, this kid won a marathon against the sperm of an extremely potent father (I mean, this is the guy's FOURTH child already). But also, this kid just won the biological "Tour de France" by ending up in Britney Spears instead of some guest on the "Jerry Springer Show".

Which may actually still be possible, now that I think about it :)


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