Monday, May 22, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Barry Bonds Ties Babe Ruth's Homerun Record

One ball to rule them all, one ball to find them, one ball to bring them all; and in the darkness Bonds them... er, I mean "binds" them :)

Baseball is a sport that is rich in history and superstition; therefore, if I were a fan of the San Francisco Giants, I would be extremely worried about what affect Barry Bonds tying (and eventually breaking) Babe Ruth's homerun record will have on the organization.

Remember, the last team to upset the "Bambino" was the Boston Red Sox; and as a result, they went 86 years before winning another World Series (and that was just for selling him to the Yankees). But what Barry Bonds has done is SO much worse than that because he is messing around with the man's legacy; and doing so in a very controversial manner.

In 2004, the Boston Red Sox were successfully able to break the "curse" and win the World Series... But did they REALLY break the curse? Perhaps the curse wasn't broken at all, but was merely "lifted" (out of pity), which means two things: 1) The curse still exists; and 2) "Someone" had to lift it.

Baseball players are almost as superstitious as their fans, so for "Giants" fans who believe in such things as "curses", this is definitely a cause for concern because if Barry Bonds "cheated" to break Babe Ruth's record, Babe Ruth WOULD know. And if the "Curse of the Bambino" still exists, then perhaps this also means that it exists in a state of transition; that "state" of course, now being California ;)


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