Friday, May 05, 2006

Today's Cartoon: 63 Year Old Woman Becomes Britain's Oldest Mother

You are aware that pretty soon ALL children are going to be born via Invetro Fertilization.

The way the world is becoming through increasing "outsourcing" and "downsizing", people simply won't have the time to raise children while they're young because they will be too busy working four or five part-time jobs just to be able to afford starting a family. So, by the time a couple is actually ready to have kids, 63 years old isn't going to seem all that uncommon anymore.

It used to be that a couple would want to have lots of children in order to help them out on the farm. Now it seems that older couples want to have (more) children because they realize that they haven't saved up enough for their retirement and are hoping that the extra income will help them out when they need it, in around 20 years.

Of course 20 years isn't that much time, so if older parents really want their new children to "pay off" then they should teach them to play $ports instead of sending them to school. Education is an investment in "their" future, while football in an investment in YOURS. That way you can celebrate you child's multi-million dollar contract and endorsement deal just in time for them to start paying your exorbitant nursing home and hospital bills :)


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