Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Today's Cartoon: King Gyanedra Reinstates Parliment in Nepal

Who needs oil when you've got "people power", eh? I wonder how long it will be before China decides to swoops down and replace their combustion engines with a Nepali on a hamster wheel :)

You can't really blame the people of Nepal for rising up against their "King". Monarchies are the political equivalent of "Witch Doctors"; at least they are when they actually TRY to run their country. Fortunately though, not many of them still do. Most royal families are content enough to just let their "subjects" make all the important decisions for them (just so long as it doesn't ACTUALLY involve them) and I believe the world is a better place for it.

Perhaps my cynical understanding of "Royalty" and it's purpose in today's world has been grossly distorted due to years of being exposed to tabloid journalism, concerning the British Royal family. But when the main criteria for becoming a "King" or "Queen" simply involves being the lucky sperm that got to the egg first, well then shouldn't that make us ALL Royalty to some extent?

I mean, even Michael Jackson had to release "Thriller", before being referred to as the "King of Pop". Now, would you trust him to run your country? :0


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