Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Iraq's al-Zarqawi Appears in New Video

It has pretty much been determined that the Presidency of George W. Bush will be judged upon the success or failure of the war in Iraq. But, with public support for that war waning and with "victory" nowhere in sight; it would appear as though that "legacy" is in serious trouble.

The American people are skeptical of the Bush Administration. With its approval rating at its lowest point (yet) and pressure mounting for top White House officials to step down; they no longer trust, nor do they believe in anything that the Administration has to say. In short, "morale" is extremely low. This is a serious problem, because in order to fight (and win) a war, your people must be susceptible to the propaganda that you use to promote it.

So, when it comes to "promoting" a war (especially one that you've staked your entire presidency on) to an unreceptive audience, when you have zero credibility; it's probably best to let other people do it for you... especially if those people are your sworn enemy. By doing so, they create a new "opportunity" to promote the war; as well as a new "demand" for that war, by scaring the American public back behind the administration.


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