Thursday, April 27, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Former Fox News Anchor Tony Snow Named New White House Press Secretary

"Drinking the Kool-Aid", is probably the WORST reference a "spokesperson" could use to describe the company they work for. So, basically the incoming White House Press Secretary has already compared the Bush Administration to "Jonestown"; and he hasn't even started working for them yet :)

I'm confused; is FOX News now speaking directly for the White House, because I always thought that it was the other way around. Does this mean that Bill O'Reilly might soon be replacing Donald Rumsfeld as secretary of Defense? If so, watch out France!

Actually, Tony Snow has been quite critical of the Bush Administration in the past; and has even gone as far as to call President Bush "an embarrassment". So, it would appear to be a rather risky move by the White House to allow a critic of the Administration to become its "official" spokesperson; until you realize that by doing so, it is now no longer his "job" to "commentate" on or "criticize" the government.

The best way to silence your critics (legally) is to put them on your payroll. If Tony Snow describes himself as a "Conservative", then that means he knows EXACTLY who he is working for; and who it is that is NOW signing his paycheck.


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