Friday, April 14, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Ex-teacher Pamela Rogers Re-Arrested After Violating Probation

Personally, I think the REAL victim in this crime are the millions of adult males, who've read the story, seen her pictures and wished that they had her for a teacher back when they were in school :)

A few months ago when Pamela Rogers was released from prison after only serving 6 months of her original 8 year sentence, a lot of people in the media were complaining that the only reason why she got off was because of her looks... And they couldn't have been more RIGHT.

I guess if EVERYONE else in America was getting off because of her looks, then why not her, right?

They say that "justice is blind", but I'm pretty sure it took a GOOD look the day she was in court; and decided to let her go. Why? Apparently, so she could re-offend and continue to grace the court with her presence, over and over again ;)


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