Monday, April 24, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Earth Day and Osama Bin Laden

He's Baa-aack! And he wants to wish us ALL a happy "Earth Day" the only way he knows how... by calling for our destruction.

I guess this is his way of trying to show support for Donald Rumsfeld against all of those retired Generals, who are calling for him to step down ;)

At this point, the only reason I can think of as to why the Bush Administration is STILL in no rush to find this guy, is because he's actually GOOD for morale (and by "morale" I mean Bush's "approval rating"). It seems that whenever OBL decides to release one of his audio/video threats to the "West", it puts a little "bounce" in the President's step because it gives him another opportunity to re-affirm his committment to tracking him down (usually by invading other countries and creating enough "evil doers" in the process to justify the invasion).

As anyone who as ever played the video game "Gauntlet" already knows... The best way to defeat a never-ending stream of "evil doers" is by destroying the "generator" which is creating them. Otherwise, you're just going to be pressing the "b" button and swinging your sword all day. The problem is that nobody knows where this particular "generator" is. So, rather than actually trying to look for it; our "heroes" have simply decided to venture further into the game and take on larger foes instead. Meanwhile, the original "generator" is still pumping out "baddies", which accumulate and sneak up behind our "heroes"; who are too busy fighting the new "evil doers" to go back and deal with the old ones.

If Donald Rumsfeld refuses to step down and is reluctant to hear the advice of those around him as to how to fight the "War on Terror", then he should at least buy himself a Playstation and try to fight it himself ;)


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