Friday, April 21, 2006

Today's Cartoon: China's President Hu Jintao Heckled During Meeting With US President George W. Bush

I know EXACTLY how this woman was able to breach White House security, heckle Chinese President Hu Jintao and create an international incident...

Remember at the beginning of the week when the White House tried to prevent those Gay and Lesbian families from attending their “Easter Egg” roll? Well, obviously this woman must have disguised herself as a “lesbian” and snuck into the White House during those festivities. Then, when security wasn’t paying attention, she dove into a hedge and lived off of hard boiled Easter Eggs, while waiting patiently for the arrival of the Chinese President :)

The fact that practically the whole world is now accusing China of suppressing the freedoms of their citizens, tells me that they are not doing a very good job of it. The worst countries are the ones that you NEVER hear anything about, because their citizens are at the point where they no longer feel as though they are being oppressed, take Canada for example...

Did you know that in Canada, “beer”, “hockey” and “donuts” are the equivalent to “soma” (the opiate of the masses in "A Brave New World")? These are the substances of our distraction which keep us “happy”, passive and under control.

So you see, the problem in China is not that they are suppressing the rights of their citizens, but that they are not very good at hockey. If they were, then the Chinese would be too busy eating donuts, drinking beer and watching hockey to even care about what freedoms they have (or don’t have) ;)


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