Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Today's Cartoon: US Senate Approves "Guest Worker" Immigration Program

To say that "Americans are unwilling to do certain jobs" is like setting up a joke without delivering the punchline. There is a reason why Americans (or any other citizen of the industralized world) won't do certain jobs; and it's called "exploitation".

Call me old fashion, but if the American economy is "booming" (as they claim) and there is a demand for employees (as they claim), then shouldn't the businesses provide competitive wages to attract new employees, and not just open the borders to the lowest bidder?

For example, here in Canada the province of Alberta's economy is booming, due to development of it's "oilsands" industry. The demand for work there is SO high that the untrained and uneducated can get a job working at McDonald's for $15 and hour (to start). As a result, they have created such a demand for these jobs that kids are willing to give up on their education to pursue a career flipping burgers instead. Compare that to the "immigration situation" that is taken place in the United States and it's fairly obvious to see, that it's not the "job" that Americans are objecting to.

Besides, I've seen "Fear Factor" enough times to know that if you offer an American enough money, they will do absolutely ANYTHING.


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