Monday, March 06, 2006

Today's Cartoon: South Dakota Moves to Ban Abortion

When I first did my search for a topic, earlier today; the top 2 searches on Technorati were "Abortion" and "Natalie Portman". Initially, I thought the two were somehow connected and in my mind, I IMMEDIATELY began to see about a thousand different "Queen Amidala/Luke Skywalker" cartoons; all about abortion (and yes, they were ALL pretty bad).

Fortunately , this was not the case; and I didn't have to attempt to polish any those "turds" into a "diamond" (whew!).

Actually, it looks like South Dakota is making some serious efforts to ban "abortion" in the state. I only wonder if this desire to preserve life will extend beyond the womb, perhaps they could include something about prevserving helpless animals; or if not that, then what about the helpless hunters who kill them? Remember folks, EVERY sperm is sacred.

BTW, Natalie Portman was on Saturday Night Live and did a pretty funny "Gangsta Rap" video with the guys who also did that "Lazy Sunday" ("Chronicles of Narnia") video.

PS. Are the Oscars over yet? Did, "Memento" win? Sure it was made a few years ago, but it's still like the best damn movie ever.


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