Friday, March 03, 2006

Today's Cartoon: "Hurricane Katrina" Briefing Leaked to the Public

Wow! Three day's of "breaking" George W. Bush "news".

First, his approval ratings are going down faster than a college chick with low self-esteem, so what does he do? He (personally) invades Afghanistan again ;)

Then, in his absense; a video is leaked to (or by) the press, of a briefing conducted just prior to "Hurricane Katrina", which basically shows the president "receiving", "understanding", "acknowleding" and "accepting" the fact that the sh*t was about to hit the (hurricane force) fan... Which he went on to deny knowing, a few days later.

Man, no wonder this guy doesn't read the newspapers.

But rather than avoid the "news" altogether, I think George W. Bush should just treat all this bad press, the same way someone like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan (hey did you hear, her tit fell out of her dress?) does. By believing that there is "no such thing as bad publicity". Who cares, if most of the world hates him and he is losing support for his "War on Terror"?... What's important, is whether or not they spelt his name right.

He's not running for re-election; the man is "teflon" and he can do whatever he wants (as he has already proven, time and time again).

Hell, if I were him; I'd start drinking again, just to spite the "nay-sayers". Or... I'd just open up my "Presidential" size bar to members of the media (like White House correspondant David Gregory perhaps). I mean, have you ever tried writing a indepth, scathing review of the Bush Administration while still nursing a hangover?


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