Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Helen Thomas vs. George W. Bush

You know things have taken a turn for the surreal when the President of the United States getting asked a "tough" question by an 85 year old woman from the White House Press Corps. becomes a big "news" story.

I mean, who does this woman think she is? Did you know that this was the first time in 3 years that Helen Thomas was given the honour and to address the President; and this is thanks he gets?! :)

Okay, so the guy may have lost the trust and support of most Americans, but that doesn't mean he's lost the trust and support of your grandchildren (who are probably going to end up fighting his war)... and their grandchildren (who are probably going to end up fighting his war). You see, these speeches and press conferences are not intended for "immediate consumption" basically because the majority of Americans don't believe him... but future historians might. And the only way to ensure that his message survives and reaches those "future historians" is to repeat it over and over and over again. This way he reduces any possible chance of being misquoted.

By asking "tough" questions, all Helen Thomas is going to do is confuse historians, who will in turn confuse our grandchildren, who will in turn confuse their grandchildren into believing that the reason why ALL the dark skin people in the world hate them so much is not because of their "freedom" but because of this mysterious black liquid called "Oil" (which by then, nobody's going to believe in anyway)

Shame on you Helen Thomas ;)


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