Thursday, March 02, 2006

Today's Cartoon: George W. Bush's Surprise Visit to Afghanistan

It's been reported that President Bush is travelling with around 5000 security personnel to ensure his safety (and I thought P. Diddy had a large entourage).

To give you some perspective of the security the President of the United States must travel with. Canada just took over command of "Coalition" forces in Afghanistan, with a force of around 2200 troops. So this means that George Bush has a "personal" army that is more than twice the size of the Canada's army in Afghanistan.

No, wonder the guy seems so "chipper" all the time.

Actually, if you watched the "news" today; you probably heard about the protests that were already taking place in India (his "announced" destination), prior to his arrival. Hmmm... Suddenly that the private security force is looking pretty small and that the stop-over in Afghanistan, may not have been long enough.


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