Friday, March 24, 2006

Today's Cartoon: ETA Ceasefire and Hostages Freed in Iraq

Call them whatever you want, but what I don't understand about ANY of these "organizations" is why do they think they can get more accomplished by "inconveniencing" people, rather than trying to gain their support?

If I was the leader of one of these "groups" I would claim responsibility for every GOOD thing that happened, (from "medical breakthroughs" to "sunny days"). Of course it wouldn't matter that I was lying; the people would WANT to believe me, because instead of scary hoods or scarves, I would dress up like a super-hero :)

I would aim to win the support of the public by claiming responsibility for "good times", while blaming my adversaries for everything "bad" that occurs. And I would promise retribution against my foes (in the name of the people) by plotting elaborate events, such as giant ice-cream parties in the park (that excluded my enemies).

I would hire beautiful bikini models to deliver my video statements for me, a different one each time (to make me look popular) and if I were to ever have any "guests", I would make sure that they had a full makeover before appearing on camera... in a hot tub (surrounded by beautiful people... wearing beautiful masks).

So, my advice to all you "groups" out there is simple, "Fear" plays into the hands of your enemy, while "FUN" plays into the hands of all of those privileged enough to be around you. If you are going to target civilians, why not target them with "LOVE" instead? Then, you may find that they will do the fighting for you.


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