Monday, March 27, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Charlie Sheen's 9/11 Conspiracy Theory Ignored By Mainstream Media

(Link to Charlie Sheen's interview on "The Alex Jones Show")

I’m not going to debate what happened on 9/11; I saw what everyone saw (or was meant to see), so I’m no expert. But what I don’t understand is why the mainstream American media is SO afraid to even discuss the existence of these alternative theories behind the events of that day. Especially, when a recent CNN poll reveals that there is a strong belief that the US government is somehow covering up the “truth”.

What is causing this belief among Americans (and the rest of the world) may not actually be the belief that the American government orchestrated or covered-up the events of 9/11, but may have resulted out of the mistakes they have made since, due to their reliance on “bad intelligence”. Basically, this poll represents the belief that with regards to 9/11, ANYTHING is possible.

Not only, does the American media need to address this issue, but so does the American government, because the longer they remain silent (or dismissive) on the subject, the longer these “conspiracy theorists” are able to control the conversation and convince more people. “Silence” only fuels the belief that the government has something to hide.

One would think that the government would want as many of own people on its side as possible and would go to great lengths to convince the American people (yes, even the “Liberals”) that despite the errors that they have made, the “truth” remains on their side. After all, the American people are going to be fighting this “war”, long after this administration leaves office; so it would be wise to at least have everyone on the same page.

If this is TRULY a black and white, cut and dry, good versus evil, war against “terrorism” (as it’s advertised); then there should be absolutely no problem discussing and (inevitably) refuting these “conspiracy theories”, simply because the government has nothing to hide.


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