Friday, March 31, 2006

Today's Cartoon: American Journalist Jill Carroll Released by Iraqi Captors

Well, we started off the week with the "right" making fun the "left" for their theories on 9/11; and now we end the week with the "left" making fun of the "right" for their theories on Jill Carroll.

Oh, if only they could see just HOW similar they (we) really are ;)

I guess, all of these "suspicions" could be seen as a good thing, because it means that NOBODY is just letting the "news" (white) wash over them; and are actually questioning what they see and read in the mainstream media (whether you agree with them or not). However, at the same time this could also be seen as a very bad thing, for pretty much the EXACT same reason.

Earlier this month, US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld scolded the American media for being "overly negative" in their coverage of the war in Iraq (and many of his supporters have echoed those claims). Well, since then, Rummy seems to have gotten his wish. The "news" from Iraq has been dominated by the release and/or rescue of 4 Western hostages; something which I assume would fall into the category of "good news"... but wait!

It appears that there are those who seem to believe that Jill Carroll somehow orchestrated (or was a willing participant in) her own abduction as part of the anti-war movement in Iraq. To which I say, if this is your first "conspiracy theory" then you have some serious catching up to do ;)

Is it because things in Iraq have been so bad for so long that even the "good news" is seen as "bad news", simply because it no longer fits the "narrative"? Or is it because the mainstream media has had it wrong for SO long (an arguement that's made by both sides of the "Liberal/Corporate Media Bias" debate) that there HAS to be something more to (tarnish) the story (ie. Jessica Lynch)?

Whatever the case may be; at this point I'm just about ready to throw in the towel and declare that this WHOLE war has been nothing more than one big hoax, playing itself out on a Hollywood sound stage ... (wishful thinking I guess).


Blogger Dan Kauffman said...

Lest We Forget:
Allan Enwiya

I heard on the TV the other night Jill Carroll insisting that her captors treated her well, really well. Let us not forget that others who were with her that day she was captured were not treated so well. As Michelle Malikin states JILL CARROLL was FREED but Allan Enwiya wasn't, was he? He got gunned down.

2:52 a.m.  
Blogger Kevin said...

From the Seattle Times...

"Dr. David Wellish, a psychologist at the UCLA School of Medicine, said he had the impression Carroll was suffering from a psychological trauma known as Stockholm syndrome, a survival mechanism in which a hostage begins to empathize with his or her captors."

That would seem to make sense, especially if she was already against the war to begin with.

1:38 p.m.  

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