Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Today's Cartoon: The 2006 "Oscars"

I think it's a understatement to say that the "Academy Awards" takes itself WAY too seriously.

I watched the awards ceremony last night; and while I couldn't care less about who won (and I still don't), I thought that Jon Stewart did a good job hosting, despite the audience (though I was hoping for a little more "bite" in his humour). But overall, it was still a pretty dull night.

Personally, I think they should stop televising the "Academy Awards" and televise the "Razzies" instead, because I'm tired of the same old boring, lackluster, waterdowned, gun-shy, pseudo-spectacle... every year!

It's like getting force fed boiled cabbage and oatmeal; and being told that it's "steak".

I think the "Oscars" should forget about trying to appeal to large audiences, because by doing so they only open the door for more of us to see just how screwed up Hollywood is. Do they SERIOUSLY think they're SO important, that they can't even laugh at a single joke at their own expense? Or do they have to look to their "publicists" for approval first, to make sure that laughing won't somehow hurt their careers?

The problem with the "Oscars" is that the television audience wants someone like Chris Rock to host, because he'll make fun of whole thing and put it into perspective for us "little people" (which Hollywood doesn't like). While "Hollywood", (truthfully) wants someone like James Liption to host, because he'll not only sing their praises and stroke their egos, but he'll turn that shiny gold statue into the ULTIMATE gift from the GODS!

At least with the "Razzies"; WAY more people have actually seen the nominated movies and the audience in attendance would be in a MUCH better mood. The whole ceremony could even be conducted like a "Friar's Club Roast"(and hosted by Jimmy Kimmel). But most importantly, you'd actually have a show that is FAR more in tune with the demands of the television audience.


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