Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Today's Cartoon: "Tabloid" Video of British Troops Abusing Iraqis

The Iraq war is the deadliest war EVER for journalists. Information from the battlefield is so difficult of get out of Iraq that quite often the only news you get is that which has been provided to the press directly by the American or British Government. Independant reports/accounts are frequently dismissed by the mainstream media because: a) they either can't (or won't) be confirmed by "officials" (aka. the British and American governments); or b) the independant report has been provided by a "questionable" source (aka. NOT the British and American governments).

Such is the case with the latest round of ("alleged") Iraqi abuse footage that has leaked out of the war torn nation. Initially, most of the media attention was directed towards the source rather than the actual content of the video; but then once the attention was place upon the footage, it was more about when it was filmed, rather than the fact that the incident occured in the first place.

Tabloid or not, the footage still speaks for itself. I mean, this isn't an amateur "Bigfoot" or "Alien Autopsy" video we're talking about here.


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