Monday, February 06, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Superbowl XL

You know, for all the hype and media coverage that the "Superbowl" seems to get; I bet you the people who are profiting the most off of the event aren't even football fans.

Case in point, this weekend the Canadian "news-cycle" was repeating the same story over and over about how the "Superbowl" in Detroit, would mean a financial windfall for the neighbouring (Canadian) city of Windsor. "Why is Windsor so attractive?" you ask; because of the unbridled debauchery that is available to our drunken perverted American neighbours (my media interpretation).

Apparently, we couldn't care less about the football. We can smell the booze and money a mile away (literally) and we want a piece of the action. What was once viewed as a burden in our society has suddenly become our most valuable commodity (at least for the weekend). Strip clubs, escort services, rub n' tugs... You want it, we got it. I've read that the "Superbowl" and its "related events" could generate between $60 million and $80 million into the local economy... Now that's a LOT of blowjobs.

So, come on over to Windsor Ontario, it's FUN for the whole dysfunctional family :)


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