Friday, February 24, 2006

Today's Cartoon: The Singapore Cell Phone Sex Video & The Winter Olympics

So, I was doing my daily rounds, checking news sites and search engines to see what the "BIG" news story of the day going to be; and to my surprise (well not really) the internet was STILL obsessing over this 17 year old girl in Singapore who had her cell phone stolen and had her videos leaked onto the internet.

Initially, I wasn't going to bother discussing it; but then it got me thinking. With the limitless amounts pornography that's already available on the web, why are people still SO obsessed by all things "Tammy" (c'mon "hit" me!) It's not as if you're going to see something you haven't seen before (especially if she's only 17). It actually reminds me of that whole "Saugeen Stripper" thing a couple of months ago (which is pretty much the exact same scenario, but in Canada)

The answer I came up with is a pretty simple one... Initially, people want to see it because they know they're not supposed to see it; but then, other people decide that they want to see it just because everyone else is seeing it and they don't want to feel left out (and so on and so on). It's like an online version of a "stampede".

"Sex videos" are the internet equivalent of "oil", everyone wants it and are willing to dig all day to find it. What surprises me is that businesses haven't tried to use this as a "marketing" model. It seems that only "celebrities" have clued into this. So, say what you will about Paris Hilton, but I think this makes her absolutely brilliant (yet, still quite "whorrible").

Think about it, if you could get product placement in "leaked sex videos" that are seen (repeatedly) and shared (repeatedly) by millions of people on the web, that sure as Hell beats forking over half a million dollars for one 30 second spot during the Superbowl, doesn't it?

And have you seen the production value of these videos? (of course you have). They don't cost a damn thing to make; just some courage (or booze), a hot chick (or any chick for that matter) and a penis (or two chicks and a desperate celebrity) and your set. So next time one of these videos gets "mysteriously" leaked onto the internet, don't be surprised if half way through it, the hot college girl getting banged in her dorm room suddenly turns to the camera and begins to tell you all about the benefits of refinancing your morgage or switching your car insurance.

Talk about getting caught with your pants down, eh?


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