Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Saddam Hussein Goes on a Hunger Strike

I’m not too sure I understand Saddam Hussein’s strategy here. The man is on trial for his life, yet he decides to go on a hunger strike because he feels that he is being treated unfairly. Sounds like a win/win situation for the prosecution. If the court has to delay a trial over the fear that you might starve yourself to death, only then to resume the trial and end up killing you anyway; then I’m not too sure that a "hunger strike" is the best way to go.

I remember hearing that Saddam Hussein was quite fond of candies and snack foods. It was reported that “Doritos” and “Mars" bars are his personal choice (remember all those "Mars" bar wrappers the US Army said they found in his “spider hole”?). Can a guy with such a renowned sweet-tooth really stick to a Hunger Strike anyway?

I wonder if the court will employ any subversive tactics in an attempt to break Saddam Hussein. Perhaps they will order bailiffs to start opening bags of Doritos in front of Saddam; or maybe the judge will listen to testimonies while eating “Big Macs” in front of a GIANT fan. If the this trial is already considered to be a “Circus” then why not go all the way and provide popcorn and cotton candy to the courtroom? The possibilities are endless.


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