Thursday, February 09, 2006

Today's Cartoon: "Operation Slapshot"

Say it ain't so, Wayne!

To give some of you some perspective on just how revered "The Great One" is here in Canada; recently the CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation took a nationwide poll to determine who "The Greatest Canadian" of ALL time was. Wayne Gretzky came in 10th!

(For those who care, Tommy Douglas came 1st)

As ridiculous as it may seem, Wayne Gretzky is a national icon and SO much has been made (and earned) around his honest and wholesome image (the dude sells Ford trucks and plays with disabled children in his spare time) that for him to be linked in ANY way to ANY scandal, (never mind one that involves illegal gambling and organized crime) would be like discovering that Abraham Lincoln ran a prostitution ring out of the basement of the White House. Seriously, the man is like Jesus on skates here in Canada.

This has been the lead story throughout the Canadian press. While the investigation seems to only be in its initial stages and everyone is innocent until proven guilty blah blah blah; one thing is for certain, Wayne Gretzky is in DEEP SH*T! (if not from the authorities, then definitely from his wife)

When he was asked by the press if his wife was involved in illegal gambling, rather than being a good husband and "LIE", the "Great One" chose to play it dumb (really dumb) by telling the reporters "You'll have to ask her." (D'oh!)

"Innocence" may keep you out of jail, Wayne; but "ignorance" will have you sleeping on the couch for a year!