Friday, February 03, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Newspaper Depiction of the Prophet Muhammad Outrages Muslim World

(Note to self: Whatever you do, under any circumstance... DO NOT draw the Prophet Muhammad)

Who would have thought a "cartoon" could actually cause an international incident? Well, I guess the Muslims who were offended by it could. Wow! I NEVER knew that it was actually "forbidden" to draw the Prophet Muhammad; even "repectful" depictions are not allowed (because they believe it promotes "idolatry").

Could you imagine if the same rules applied to Christianity; and images of "God" or "Jesus" were forbidden? I mean, people make a FORTUNE off of those images. And what would the religion be without all of those referencial "symbols" and "idols" (don't say "Islam"). Hmm... I wonder if the Islamic law forbidding the depiction of the Prophet Mohammad has anything to do with Christianity's abundance of symbols and imagry? Or is that like the most "offensive" thing to say because it would imply that one relgion came before the other or one religion was created in response to another... Oh man, this stuff is REALLY confusing.

And now the BBC is getting into trouble because in their reporting of the incident, they decided to show the offending cartoons (to provide "context" for the story). At this rate, these cartoons are going to end up becoming the stuff of "urband legend"; like if you actually view them, a "fatwa" will be placed upon you... or something (anyone see the movie "The Ring"?).

I still can't believe that a french newspaper decided to print the cartoons, just to point out that they could. "Freedom of Expression" is one thing, but if you know that what you're about to do is going to REALLY piss off about 1 billion people, you may also want practice your "Freedom of Common Sense". I mean, I'm "free" and I can do a lot of things "just because I can", like for example... poop myself; I just decide NOT to.

PS. In case any of my Muslim friends (and I have tons) are reading this... Please note that today's cartoon is a depiction of Mohammed Ali... MOHAMMED ALI!!! :)


Blogger Muslim said...

They shouldn't have published pictures like that.

In Islam we're not even allowed to draw pictures of the Prophet peace be upon him.

We dont draw pictures of Jesus or Moses, we respect all the prophets.

We love our prophet peace be upon him.

4:58 a.m.  
Blogger Stuart Robertson said...

I thought that in certain branches of Islam people weren't allowed to draw pictures of anything which is why the artform of Persian Rugs was developed, and are so beautiful -- artists found a way to express themselves without using "pictures".

Very interesting story Kevin -- again, I get my news HERE.

1:40 p.m.  
Blogger William G said...

Dear Muslim,

It's admirable that you believe in the divinity of prophets to the point that you feel that drawing them is blasphemous.

However, not everyone shares your beliefs. And one of the the prerequisites of getting along in the wider world is the ability to accept that people will think and do things you dont like, without setting fire to something.

Thank you.

3:16 a.m.  

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