Friday, February 10, 2006

Today's Cartoon: George W. Bush Reveals Details of Foiled Terror Plot

Quite a few "talking heads" in the media are making a pretty big deal out of the fact that the President of the United States is only now disclosing the details of a planned terrorist attack on LA's "Library Tower"; that was foiled four years ago.

Some individuals (ie. Hilary Clinton) have even gone so far as to accuse him of deliberately playing the "fear card" in an attempt to shore up support for the Republicans, in time for the 2006 Congressional elections.

Who knows, right? But I will tell you one thing; if I had a "fear card" I would play it EVERY chance I got.

Sure, I'm familiar with the "Boy who Cried Wolf" story; but the "real" lesson that I took away from that fairy tale was that the kid got eaten because the wolf was an ACTUAL threat. Had he been smart, he would have made something up; something completely phony but every bit as terrifying. This way, he could scare the villagers without having to watch his own back at the same time. Then, whenever the villagers finally catch on to his little game, all he has to do is take a couple of days off (give the people a chance to forget) and then play the "fear card" all over again.

So, if George W. Bush was actually trying to play "fear politics"(and I'm NOT saying that he was), I think he would be much more successful at it if he were to completely make something up; rather than rely on the realities of "terrorism" to play the part of the "wolf". If you really want to scare people then the most important thing to remember, is that you have to create a scenario that is absolutely impossible for anyone to verify (because there is nothing scarier than bullsh*t). For example, instead of "terrorists" you could use "Invisible Alien Sasquatch Clones", that ONLY you can see ;)


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