Monday, February 27, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Don Knotts 1924 - 2006

So while I was working on today’s cartoon about the passing of Don Knotts, I was pretty shocked to discover that Darren McGavin also passed away this weekend.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the name, chances are you are more than familiar with his performance as Ralphie’s dad (Mr. Parker) in “A Christmas Story”. It was a holiday classic at my house that we used to watch every Christmas Eve, while I was growing up. A one point I had seen the movie so many that I used to be able to recite the ENTIRE script from start to finish (seriously). McGavin’s performance as Ralphie (and Randy’s) Dad will always be special to me because it reminds me SO much of my own father, when I was a kid.

This, along with the passing of Don Knotts and Al Lewis (Grandpa Munster) earlier in the month and you really start to believe in that old superstition, that death (or at least “celebrity” death) comes in threes... Or in this case, “Three’s Company”.


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