Thursday, February 02, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Cindy Sheehan at the "State of the Union" Address

It looks like Cindy Sheehan wasn't the only one that got the "removed" from the "State of the Union" address for wearing a T-Shirt (though she was the only one that actually got arrested). Beverly Young, the wife of Florida Republican Bill Young was ejected from house chamber as well, for wearing a t-shirt that simply read "Support the Troops" (Sheehan shirt read "2245 Dead, How Many More?")

I don't see what the problem is. I think its pretty obvious that if you are going to attend such a "historic" event, like this; a T-Shirt is hardly the suitable, "formal" attire for such an occasion. I mean c'mon, this is George W Bush; the fearless leader of the free world. When he speaks, the world listens (and sometimes laughs)... And if there's anyone's going to show up to the "State of the Union" address wearing a t-shirt, it's going to be President Bush. If he has to wear a suit, then EVERYONE has to wear a suit (read the "Patriot Act").

Still, I wonder what kind of t-shirt he would wear?... Perhaps an Iron Maiden "Powerslave" t-shirt (circa 1984) would have been the most appropriate choice for this year's address.


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